Cyprus Wine Competition

2nd Cocktail Competition

2nd Pancyprian Competition Cocktail with a wine from indigenous varieties, the Zivania, Ouzo and Brandy.

The Wine Products Council (WPC) in collaboration with the Cyprus Association Bartender (CAB), organized the 2nd Pancyprian Competition Cocktail with a wine from
indigenous varieties, the Zivania, Ouzo and Brandy, in the category” Long Drink Wine Cocktail ”. The competition took place at the International State Fair in Nicosia, in the exhibition Gastronomy
– Gastrognosia, Saturday, March 3, 2012.

The event was a continuation of last year’s effort and aimed to expand the possibilities in the use of wine from indigenous varieties of Zivania, Ouzo and Brandy, to the creation of quality cocktails.

It is noted that in this event, the WPC demonstrated considerable sensitivity on the matter raised by the message about moderate drinking.

To organize and conduct of the competition rules were drawn, fully harmonized with the provisions laid down by the IBA (International Bartenders Association).

The responsibility for implementation of the competition was the Organizing Committee, which consisted of the President of CAB, a representative of WPC, the controller judges’ taste, the person responsible for technical training of judges and judges responsible for the garnish.

The jury had the responsibility for evaluation and scoring of the competing cocktails, which consisted by reputable judges.

The Organizing Committee, based on the results of scoring of the jury, elevated first and second winner in taste, the first winner garnish, winner of the first technical training and first winner in the DNA, as follows:


• 1st Prize – Sotiris Savvides, with the cocktail ”The Original”

•  2nd Prize – Krisztian Gyokeres, with the cocktail ” The sytzia of Paradise”


• 1st Prize – Michael Kyprianou, with the cocktail, «Heaven»

Technical training

• 1st Prize – Fotini Mamprouk with the cocktail,” Cool Mandarin”


1st Prize –      Marios Zeniou,  with the cocktail
‘‘Golden King’’

The first and second winner in taste were awarded prize money € 300 and € 150 respectively. The first winner will also represent Cyprus in European contest which will be held in Czech Republic. All winners were awarded trophies and all participants of the commemorative diplomas.

The WPC will take the initiative to promote and display the winning cocktails, with the aim of establishing in the minds of consumers value quality and potential of local wine products,
in manufacturing cocktails.

Πληροφοριακό Δελτίο

Κανονισμοί 2ου Διαγωνισμού Κοκτέιλ

Rules and Guidelines of 2nd Cocktail Competition

Επιτροπές 2ου Διαγωνισμού Κοκτέιλ


  • Evaluation of participating coctails
  • Award ceremony

Co-organizer: Pancyprian Union of Bartenders

The Competition in pictures