Cyprus Wine Competition

Recognition of Medals

What does it mean to enter a wine competition? What is the real purpose of staging such grand events and what are the benefits if any? Why compete for a medal? The answer is really quite simple.

On one front for the producers, it pushes them to exceed themselves year after year and produce better quality wine. This can only be coupled with creativity, the use of modern technologies as well as innovations. On the whole, winemaking and viticulture are on the move – ever forward. This can only have benefits for the whole of the island leading to world wide recognition through its wines.

On another front it helps the individuals making wine, expose to the market what they indeed produce. Restaurants hotels and all locations await for the results of the wine competition eagerly.

Winning a medal creates a hunger for pursuing prestige, recognition and awareness whether for the winemaker or his product line. As an industry it excels as a whole, as a producer it creates for you a legacy, a history, a culture…

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