Cyprus Wine Competition

7th Cyprus Wine Competition

The 7th Cyprus Wine Competition is just around the corner. Preparations are underway and it will be held THIS following April. 25th, 26th and 27th -

Recognition of Medals

What does it mean to enter a wine competition? What is the real purpose of staging such grand events and what are the benefits if any? Why compete for a medal? The answer is really quite simple. On one front for the producers, it pushes them to exceed themselves year after year and produce better quality wine. This can only be coupled with creativity, the use of...

Wine Tasting. Is it really a talent?

Wine Tasting. What it really is about..... I am sure you, like many amongst us don’t quite understand what really is involved when wine tasting. All those experts sniffing and spitting and noting things down… what is going on exactly?

Wine Glasses

Are wine glass really that important?  The answer to that question is entirely – YES. But this gives rise to a myriad of other questions. Which wine glass? For which variety? Out of which material? All of these questions will be answered shortly but first let us talk about what composes a wine glass. Firstly a wine glass should have a bowl which is well...